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How can we help your employees ?


At The Mind and Body Movement, we specialize in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations across various sectors. Our MBSR programs are designed to foster a resilient, focused, and balanced workforce by reducing stress, enhancing emotional regulation, and improving overall mental and physical health.

Why Choose MBSR for Your Organization?

In today's fast-paced work environment, stress is a major factor affecting employee health and productivity. MBSR offers a scientifically proven approach to reduce stress and promote well-being through mindfulness practices. Our training programs help participants develop techniques to manage stress effectively, improve concentration, and enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Our Experience

With extensive experience delivering MBSR programs to a diverse clientele, including corporate clients, healthcare facilities, municipal townships, and educational institutions, The Mind and Body Movement is equipped to bring transformative change to your organization. Here are some highlights of our work:

  • Healthcare: At an ambulatory surgical center we implemented as series of 8-week MBSR trainings and individualized coachiduring the height of the pandemic that significantly reduced burnout among healthcare professionals, enhancing job satisfaction and patient care.

  • Corporate: For a NJ based tech firm, we tailored MBSR workshops to improve workplace well-being and productivity, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback for stress management improvement.

  • Municipal: In a Township in Union County, our customized MBSR training and group coaching improved stress management skills and public service effectiveness among township employees.

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Program Details

Our MBSR Training includes:

8-12 Week MBSR Courses 

Structured around weekly sessions that cover mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and stress response education.

Tailored Workshops and Seminars

Customized to address the specific challenges faced by your organization.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Continuous learning opportunities through follow-up sessions, digital content, and practical tools to integrate mindfulness into daily routines.

Individual and Group Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions to help integrate mindfulness practices into daily routines and address individual challenges.


Interested in bringing MBSR and coaching to your organization? Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our program to meet your needs and help your team achieve its full potential.


The MBSR program was a game-changer for our healthcare staff, leading to better patient interactions and lower stress during the pandemic, especially with the added support of personal coaching

Jasmine G. 2021


Reduce Employee Stress and Reduce Burnout

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