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The Mind and Body Movement's mission is to help bridge the wellness gap between physical and mental health.  

We focus on Mental Health Coaching , Yoga , Meditation, Yoga Therapy,

School Yoga (Mindfulness Based-Social Emotional Learning) Programs , and Corporate Wellness to promote both physical and mental well-being for the entire community.

The Mind & Body Movement was founded by Marie Benjamin in 2016.


Mental health coaches excel at helping you get unstuck in life. They work on your thought processes and self-beliefs and help you create realistic, achievable goals. Additionally, coaches guide you through the process of achieving these goals. They can help guide you through troubles or perceived failures so that you understand how these moments can contribute to your growth in a positive way.

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Who is Marie Benjamin?

Marie is an experienced mental health and life skills coach, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, zumba instructor, mentor, and personal trainer. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration nd a  graduate degree in marriage and family therapy . Being an industry expert aside, she’s most passionate about guiding individuals towards the success they deserve. She believes everyone is capable of achieving a balanced, and meaningful lifestyle. Helping you become the very best version of yourself or guiding you towards happiness is her ultimate goal—aspire and accomplish with Marie today.

Marie Benjamin


Who is Marie?


“It would not be an overstatement to say Marie Owens literally changed the course and purpose of my life. As a mentor she instructed and assisted my career switch at a pivotal time in my life. Like a typical student loan debt having post grad I took a decent-paying, soul-crushing job after college and compromised my happiness for money. Eventually the job laid off 40% of its workers in my state and in my darkest hour Marie had the knowledge and insight to offer crucial advice. She even went as far to physically help me navigate unemployment and continuing education services. Months later I was enrolled in cosmetology school courtesy of the dept of labor and workforce. I had always felt I missed my calling as a beauty professional and expressed this desire to Marie on occasion. As soon as she could she facilitated my dreams becoming a reality. I received my entire beauty education and cosmetology license free of cost!
Marie is sharp, diligent, hardworking, trustworthy, and a stellar example of how to achieve a goal. My life is legitimately forever changed by working with her.”

Kimberly T.

"Life coach is a new concept for me. But Marie has shown me just how vital a life coach can be as an adult. We all feel overwhelmed at times, uncertain, stressed, and doubtful about the future. That is where having some professional guidance can be so vital. Marie is compassionate, caring, intelligent and resourceful. With her on your side, it truly feels like you can’t lose! I would recommend her as a life coach to anyone who is seeking the best for themselves."

Akilles T.

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