Stress suppresses the immune system which leads to more sick days and decreases moral and productivity in the workplace.

Give your employees the support they need to perform their best.

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Mental Health

On Demand

Employees can chat via text with a coach, 24/7/365. Video sessions with a coach are available more quickly than most in-person appointments.
In person sessions are available in South Plainfield,  NJ only.

Low Cost

For the cost of a lunch, an employer can provide an employee and their family members access to mental health coaching for a whole year.


 A diverse care team with experience in trauma, marriage and family issues, LGBTQ+, BIPOC specific issues,and much more that can support any member of any community.

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching


We will manage your own site wellness program and fitness facility. Coaching your employees towards their fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness goals. 

Weekly On Site Class Offerings

We can offer fitness classes weekly at the frequency of your choice for your employees. We offer zumba, aerobic fitness, dance fitness, and nutritonal classes.


Employees can consult with our coach about their nurtirional and fitness goals. Our coaches will create specialized plans for your employees.

Yoga & Mindfulness


We will come on site to host a workshop style seminar on stress management , how to eache to manage stress, breathing exercises to manage stress, and self care practices. 

Yoga Classes

Weekly  group and/or private wellbeing classes for their staff. We’ll help you design an experience that fits your culture to ensure everyone feels welcomed and engaged. All of our classes are offered in-person, virtually, or hybrid.

Guided Meditation

In person or virtual guided meditaton . Recordings can also be  made available.