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Couples Coaching

What is Couples Coaching?

Couples coaching is emerging as a new alternative to traditional couples therapy. Couples coaching is a goal-oriented approach to solving relationship problems that helps couples identify the weaknesses in their relationship, make goals to improve their relationship, and work to achieve these goals. This technique tends to be more straightforward than traditional therapy, and offers couples and an action plan for how to achieve their #relationshipgoals.


While traditional couples counseling is rooted in psychology, relationship coaching is based on personal growth models and success coaching. The coaching helps align you and your partner as a team that is working towards a goal together with the help of a trusted coach.

Coaching focuses on solutions rather than looking at the psychological root of problems, noting that sometimes couples just need solutions to their problems, not a full understanding of why these problems arose. Couples coaching can happen with a traditional therapist, but it is often guided by someone that has gone through a relationship coach training rather than just psychology training. Couples counseling often relies less on the couple-therapist relationship, and instead offers a more detached, goal-oriented approach. Couples coaching removes some of the barriers to traditional therapy as it is normally cheaper, and takes less time. 

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